In the year 1986, the founding directors of Amzole India laid the first foundation stone of the company-manufacturing site. They had no idea that 30 years later the same company would become the largest manufacturer of Glyoxal-40% in India. Today, the company boasts a production capacity of more than 500 MT per month. The company was originally formed as a manufacturer of 2-Methyl Imidazole, which began its production in 1987. Strategic thinking and market insight of the helming management made the company shift its production to manufacture Glyoxal-40% in 1988.

However, responding to the fluctuating needs of this industry, in early 2015, Amzole India went back to its roots and began the production of 2-Methyl Imidazole (2MI) and 2-Methyl-5-Nitroimidazole (2MNI), having a production capacity of 200 MT per month each.

With its primary manufacturing unit based in the beautiful historic city of lakes, Udaipur (India), Amzole India Pvt. Ltd. hopes to leave its footprints in the sands of time just like the wise and brave rulers of this once great kingdom.

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